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Why take GOA?

One-third of college students now take at least one online or hybrid class. Online learning through Global Online Academy (GOA) is a great way to prepare for the future, and colleges and universities take notice when they see a GOA course on your transcript. You can take a GOA class during your regular semester course load during a period marked as a study hall; or you can take it as an "add on" and do the online work in your own time. A GOA class appears on the Providence Day School transcript, averaging with all other courses taken at PD. You can also expand your transcript with a summer course. 

Providence Day is the only independent school in Charlotte to offer this partnership, which gives our students access to elite faculty in other cities and nations. Your classmates are students from around the globe; average class sizes are even smaller than those here at PD, allowing for plenty of personalized attention. 

And when you browse through the catalogue you'll find dozens of classes not available on campus, including Japanese and Arabic languages and opportunities to study game theory, filmmaking, architecture, and much more.

Global Online Academy

Providence Day School is a member of Global Online Academy (GOA), a consortium of leading independent schools from around the world whose programs offer our students a way to pursue their passions, learn with peers from around the globe, and acquire and practice modern learning skills that will serve them well in college, career and life.

GOA courses are our courses, taught by experienced faculty from renowned peer schools all over the world. This is a new kind of online class in which relationships and connections drive students to share their perspectives and learn from those of others.

PDS faculty also participate in GOA's world-renowned professional learning programs as they seek to continuously improve their practice as modern educators.